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 Roof Caddy was established to meet the growing need in the marketplace for a flexible and versatile roof rack to fit a variety of vehicles.  Roof Caddy racks have a sporty look, are durable and suit the needs of the contractor, sporting enthusiast and the general public who have a need to transport goods.

Roof Caddy roof racks are designed to fit most makes of double cabs, (with or without canopies), single cabs with canopies, panel vans and other vehicles whereas existing competitive products are limited because of the single rack structure.

Product strengths and superior flexibility are important attributes.  Roof Caddy racks are designed in adjustable sections to accommodate vehicles with canopies that have a height different to that of the main vehicle.  It is the only removable system that combines side and cross bars thereby distributing an even load across the load bars.


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   Fits VW Maxi, Caddy, Transporter, Mercedes Vito & all makes of canopies

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